We are a FREELANCE organization of creative artists & industry professionals based in Nashville, TN

WE ARE NASHVILLE: What else would you expect? :)

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The Industrial Revolution is over.

One-third of Americans are currently listed as 'independent' and as companies continue to downsize this will only increase further.

We are a support platform designed to harness the power of Nashville's progressive local community.

Started BY freelancers FOR freelancers

The freelancer's struggle is finding the balance between producing the work while also managing the business.

So we partnered with an innovative business management firm allowing us to focus on what we are GOOD at instead of pretending to be an accountant.

Overall Better Quality

Traditional companies take credit for their employee's work. The employee just needs the paycheck so why over-achieve?

A freelancer's name and reputation IS their work which affects their next paycheck.

The Rundown

We provide our members the support & resources of a agency or firm while maintaining their individual artistic freedom.

Traditional settings have over-head costs which limit growth and retain credit for their staff’s work, leaving very little incentive for initiative.

Providing our members a consistent and managed flow of work offers:

  • the stability to be independent,
  • shared physical resources,
  • the collaborative environment to foster growth.

Benefits for Members:

  • Project management for quicker turnaround.
  • Consistent workflow
  • Combined resources (such as studio space, equipment, software, etc)
  • Professional studio in Edgehill Village
  • Combined portfolio attracts cooler projects.

Benefits for Clients:

  • One access point to a vast network 'local' human resources.
  • Quick turnarounds.
  • Consistent quality
  • Dedicated project manager (no more sketchy freelancers)
  • Confidentiality & data security.

How does it work?

- The collective acquires, develops & manages the project and assembles the appropriate team or member either based on scope of work or by publicly posting the job.

- Each team member is briefed by the project manager and assigned his/her tasks.

- Once work is completed, payment is delivered to member. Each member is allowed to use the project in their personal portfolio as long as the watermark and/or credit incorporates the collective's 'red dot'.

- Members are allowed to work with outside clients on their own but NOT with clients of the collective (unless it is approved prior).

Who is considered a 'Freelancer'?

The Nashville Collective is comprised of not only creative service providers but also professional services as well.

Creative Industries: Photography, Video, Design, Web, Development, Animation, Illustration, etc.

Professional Industries: Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Publicity, Management, Talent Representation, Client Relations and much more...

If you are currently working as a freelance professional or a potential client and would like more information, please contact us using this form.